MindForge is an IRC network, providing facilities to open source and free software project communities. Our desire is to create a nice place for users to chat and to create a big community for sharing and exchanging ideas. This network is open to everyone: register your nickname, create a channel, make friends and enjoy! :)

About MindForge

The MindForge IRC network was created on March 15, 2005. It exists to provide facilities to Open Source and Free Software project communities, and to provide an environment where these community members can share, communicate and exchange ideas. It also provides a place for chatters to meet.

All illegal, warez, XDCC, FTP, hax0r and commercial activities as well as various types of antisocial behavior are all prohibited on this network.

You will find MindForge to be a friendly IRC network. We hope you enjoy your stay. Welcome and most importantly, have fun! ­čśÇ