MindForge is an IRC network, providing facilities to open source and free software project communities. Our desire is to create a nice place for users to chat and to create a big community for sharing and exchanging ideas. This network is open to everyone: register your nickname, create a channel, make friends and enjoy! :)


For security and privacy reasons, the MindForge servers encrypt the IP address or hostname of all users connecting to the network, so only IRC operators can see it if it's needed.In addition, our network provides the possibility to assign vHosts (virtual hosts) to nicks. This is an alternative for the default encryption that allows users to customize their own hostmask. All vHosts for this network end with the MindForge.org domain (e.g. NetAdmin.MindForge.org).
VHosts are assigned to a specific nick and only one vHost for each group of nicks is allowed. Here are three ways detailed by which you can get a virtual host.

VHosts for the MindForge staff

All members of the network team have a vHost assigned, which varies depending on their status.

  • NetAdmin.MindForge.org: for network administrators.
  • ServicesAdmin.MindForge.org: for services administrators.
  • Country.IRCOp.MindForge.org: for IRC operators.
  • MF-Helpers.MindForge.org: for MindForge helpers.

VHosts for regular channels

If you are the founder of a channel, you can also get vHosts with the format Channel.MindForge.org (the name of the channel can't contain special characters) for you and your friends.

  • VHosts are assigned after a two weeks period in which a bot monitors the channel and calculates the average number of users. The users average of the channel can be checked on #MindForge-VHosts with command "!average #Channel".
  • The channel must have a minimum number of users. Channels with 25-44 users will get 5 vHosts and channels with 45 or more users, 7 vHosts. The number of users must be maintained to keep the vHosts.
  • Requests of channels that use IRC clones, BNCs or proxies to increase the number of users won't be accepted.
  • Troublemaking channels and users of the network won't be able to opt to vHosts.
  • The MindForge staff reserves the right to check periodically that channels which have vHosts continue following the network requirements and eliminate them if they don't.

Contact a member of the MindForge team on #MindForge-VHosts for more information and to start the process.
Remember that all changes and checks must be done by the channel founder. Requests from users having the password but not being the founder of the channel will be ignored.

VHosts for channels with projects

The members of projects that contribute to the growth of the network can also get virtual hosts. The vHost format will be in the same format as regular channels.
The project administrator will be able to request on #MindForge-VHosts a virtual host for each member of its team.
Important: the project must be accepted by the network administrators as is explained in the conditions for open source projects and other communities. Check the projects page for more information.