MindForge is an IRC network, providing facilities to open source and free software project communities. Our desire is to create a nice place for users to chat and to create a big community for sharing and exchanging ideas. This network is open to everyone: register your nickname, create a channel, make friends and enjoy! :)



The MindForge network is actually working with the Anope services package.

  • NickServ: for registration and maintenance of nicknames.
  • ChanServ: to register and control various aspects of channels.
  • MemoServ: allows users to send messages to other users and to channels.
  • HostServ: for virtual hosts management.
  • BotServ: for bots management.
  • OperServ: for network management (available for network staff only).

For more help and information, type "/msg HELP ServicesName" or check the online manual on Anope's website.