MindForge is an IRC network, providing facilities to open source and free software project communities. Our desire is to create a nice place for users to chat and to create a big community for sharing and exchanging ideas. This network is open to everyone: register your nickname, create a channel, make friends and enjoy! :)


MindForge provides several channels to support users that need help. A list of official network channels is detailed below.


This is the official support channel of MindForge and it's available for help about network related issues and server linking. Please, don't highlight or open private messages to IRC operators; just join the channel, state your question or issue and be patient.


The official MindForge chat channel. Users can join this channel to ask any question related to IRC. In addition we don't forget that IRC is for fun so this channel can be a nice place to chat and meet people too.


This is the official channel for virtual host requests. Check the virtual hosts policy for more information.