MindForge is an IRC network, providing facilities to open source and free software project communities. Our desire is to create a nice place for users to chat and to create a big community for sharing and exchanging ideas. This network is open to everyone: register your nickname, create a channel, make friends and enjoy! :)

Summer update and what's coming up

It’s been awhile since we've posted anything and we want to make you know what’s been going on.

Early in 2015, just after MindForge's 10th anniversary, eMule released the first beta version of the upcoming 0.50b. One of the reasons that MindForge was created, developed and exists is to support the most popular open source P2P ever made: eMule is and always will be the very core of MindForge.

The new version has corrected some minor problems on Kad network, made some adjustments on the band usage efficiency, libraries updates and much more. You can download your eMule 0.50b BETA1 here and read more information about the stable version development on the official forum.

In the last past few months, we have kept in touch with the administrators of the main network directories, IRC Web clients and many mobile apps developers, aiming to maintain and improve our presence more effectivity on Internet. We were not expecting such an overwhelming response and as a result we have many new users from around the world from places like U.S., India, Japan, China and Pakistan. All them united in MindForge network.

In May, we received a bad news: BNC4FREE decided to close its service. It was a free bouncer provider that had been working together with MindForge since 2012. Due to the high number of users and requests of this kind of service, we have decided to contact other bouncer providers. EliteBNC has accepted the challenge and a few weeks ago they joined forces with us.

At present, all our effords are focused on attracting new projects to the network, improving services and security, updating our help tools and ensuring users loyalty. Based on this we will be implementing some changes in our network polices, structure and staff during the second half of this year. These changes are being made to provide a better total service and experience on the MindForge network and also with the future of the network in mind. Your cooperation is appreciated and we will be keeping you informed as we make these changes.

Lastly for now, we have received a lot of questions about connecting with IPv6. This protocol demands a lot of time and effort, and new tools that need to be well integrated with our security protocol before we can open it wide up. But don’t panic, we are beginning testing in order to make the changes needed to adapt our network as soon as possible. We kindly ask your patience.

More news soon. Thank you all for choosing MindForge!

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